Wave Theory

Price - $2,500 (SOLD)

Materials - Quadratic equations (aged with coffee, tea and water), charcoal pencil, felt-tip marker, acrylic paint and gel medium, preserved Carnations, shadow box, museum grade glass. 

Size - “34 x “24 x “3 

Year - 2018


Wave-Theory is a graphical representation of political influence on capital markets. Quadratic equations, derived from shape based analysis of bond yields, offer an insight into the intermittent market failures of our modern economy.

National debt, as a quadratic equation, represents a mathematically defined relationship between the strength of a nation’s economy and the public’s desire to invest in it.

The equation behind the central graph is simple, y is equal to the square root of x. The equation for the graph above it is much the same, though the radicand is multiplied by two. To arrive at the graph below, the equation must be manipulated into general form. When y is equal to the product of a (x) b ^ x, b becomes the determining factor between an equation of growth or decay.

It is with that language, consistent with the inner workings of our natural environment, that I hope to explain how markets, like waves, crash.

Wave Theory Narrative 6.JPG

Mathematical Accuracy

Each individual graph in this set is mathematically accurate. Bond yields, or at least the shape they take, are expressed as equations; their reciprocals, the same. Each piece is both a visual and mathematical reflection of the other.  

Wave Theory Narrative 4.JPG

Growth and Decay

When the quadratic equation is expressed in its general form, we are able to identify the variable of growth or decay. When that variable is greater than one, the expression is that of growth.  

Wave Theory Narrative 1.JPG

Studio Inspiration

Wave Theory was completed entirely within the confines of Fancy Nasty Studios, a place of robust creative activity and a brazenly patriotic atmosphere. 

Wave Theory Narrative 3.JPG

Artistic Assistance

The perspective of other artists and the assistance they provided stands out as the most integral piece of the show's success.  

Wave Theory Complete Piece.jpg
After I painted the right piece, I went back and painted its reflection. I just thought it looked more balanced that way.