All poems are free,

the only way they’re meant to be.

But if you’d like

a personal copy,

I’ll write you one for $10

and put it in the mail.


Amsterdam, 2018

Here in the delta of Europe

where nearly every body of water

is managed by man

there is a magic

that has been lost.

Through our mastery of management

we have contained and curtailed her,

and amorphous majesty

made straight and narrow

in the image of man.

Where is she meant to meander,

to twist and turn at her whim?

Where is she meant to change her pace,

to go fast, cut deep and grow thin?

Might we expect, she’d lose along the way,

the strength of her riverborn character?

Might we have seen, in the edifice of dams,

a caustic and unnatural narrator?

How will we know,

when we’ve gone too far?