New Colossus

Price - Not for Sale

Materials - Paper, pencil, poem, marker, acrylic paint

Size - 32" x 18"  

Year - 2019


Liberty is something
we deserve to feel at home.

If we don't have a home,
we deserve to feel it

Since its inception
the United States has sought
to embody liberty.

We have, in fact
put her at our shore.

But we seem to have forgotten
our place in the world
as a land of plenty
and have thusly closed our door.

Send me your weak,
your poor, your huddled masses
yearning to be free.

For years we found wealth
in refuge
and embraced our capacity
to provide it.

We sought strength
through the invitation
of those who wished
to join our cause.

Without liberty,
we no longer find them.

Without kindness,
there is no crowd to attract.

And so we fear
the worst in ourselves
and engender it in others.

Here at our seawashed
sunset gates shall stand
a mighty woman with a torch.

Mother of Exiles,
where have you gone?