A Brief History of Instability

Price - $1,250

Materials - The Wealth of Nations (aged with coffee, tea and water), acrylic paint and gel medium, preserved Tulip shells (from Holland), shadow box, museum grade glass. 

Size - 26" x 17" x 2" 

Year - 2017


A Brief History of Instability addresses the mispricing of mother nature in our modern understanding of market-economics. Bold, gestural strokes, painted in acrylic red over Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, convey both the beauty in antiquity and the rigor with which we must question its assumptions.

From chaos toward stability, this piece represents my exploration into emergent economics as an abstract public expression of cumulative, individual action.

The tulips, from Holland, are a direct homage to the first market crash of modern economics. They are preserved in various states of decay that we might appreciate the beauty in their degradation.

Brief History Narrative 1.JPG

The Invisible Hand

The first piece of this series grew out of an idea that we could find a more stable way to go about economics; The Wealth of Nations describes this as The Invisible Hand.  


Brief History Narrative .JPG

Floral Preservation

The preservation of flowers remains the most time intensive part of the creative process. Tulips were chosen intentionally for the financial connotation their history conveys. 

Brief History Narrative 1 (1).JPG

Final Coat

Each piece is finished with a semi-gloss glaze before it heads to framing. 

A Brief History of Instability Complete Piece.jpg
After I painted the right piece, I went back and painted its reflection. I just thought it looked more balanced that way.